Helping our Clients with the “Worst Cases” in Order to Impact Results Across Multiple Claims

What is Doubleplay?

Doubleplay is simply a program in which a group of passionate claim and legal professionals assemble as a committed leadership group, in order to review the “worst-case scenario” claims, with the intention of fostering action plans and promoting good ideas which come from integrated thinking and collaborative dialogue.


Sometimes both claims examiners and attorneys are stuck on a particularly difficult case, so rather than apply high energy and creative thinking, they sometimes just retreat from the claim thereby allowing the problems to evolve their way to a critical state. While it is often difficult to “un-spill the milk,” there are still many creative ways to attack these “worst-case scenario” claims,’ and to get the best outcomes, circumstances considered.


The concept of Doubleplay is borne from the thought that help should be delivered within the framework of a collaborative, non-confrontational team approach and within an environment which harnesses the highest energy and best skills from its multiple, disciplined participants. The environment should nurture learning and promote education and knowledge transfer. It isn’t about “one claim at a time,” but rather about creating a program which provides not only claims oversight governance, but permits claims management to integrate the best resources from their “team,” including the claims examiners, supervisors, managers, nurses, return to work experts, medical management, UR, Medicare Professionals, structured settlement specialists, investigators and the attorneys.



Having four or five people in a room examining one difficult claim can reap enormous exponential benefits, well beyond the confines of the single claim. Not only does the Doubleplay help to move difficult claims forward and towards closure, but its centralized approach to handling such claims allows the hard work and effective strategies to be leveraged across other difficult claims.

Finally, if you come across something interesting, something valuable and something which impacts, then you need to share this with the claims organization. Capturing and sharing the Doubleplay’s collective knowledge and inspiration is key to furthering the mission and providing invaluable help to everyone.


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