Fall 2021 Update

Sep 24, 2021

To our Clients and Friends:


Perhaps the most vexing and challenging part of workers’ compensation defense, is the handling of medical disputes through the intricate and difficult PQME system.  It is a very complicated affair, with tight time frames and all kinds of risks along the way.  Added to that are the unknowns associated with the panel process where we play “Roulette” with QMES as the numbers.


In order to help, we have prepared for a November release, our new guide, “Navigating the PQME System,” which will feature how to handle panels, the nine steps to picking the right doctor, striking, DEU ratings on unrepresented injured workers and how to read a PQME report.


In addition, the firm will provide training (Upon request) which we can do through Zoom.


I am also finalizing edits and drafts for our 2022 Micro Survival Guide, which has been expanded and will now contain the 2021 legislation, new rules and regulations, case law updates and much more.  This is scheduled for release on 02/01/2022.


If you are interested in the PQME training, please contact Maritza Barrios at:   www.Maritza@icomplaw.com


Thanks and stay safe and well.



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