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Who We Are

Ingber & Weinberg, LLP is a team of attorneys, claims experts, litigators and teachers, specializing in the field of workers’ compensation defense. The firm focuses on providing education, counseling and litigation support to self-insured, insured and public entity employers. Founded in 2013 in Woodland Hills, California by Corey Ingber and Clifford Weinberg in an effort to address a need for a strong and poignant workers’ compensation defense firm in the Los Angeles area.

What We Do

Our firm focuses exclusively in the workers’ compensation field and we do this in two capacities:
We work to inform and educate business owners in hopes of preventing a workers’ compensation claim and to defend business owners against the exaggerated and fraudulent workers’ compensation claims that have become so prevalent today.

Ingber & Weinberg, LLP is known for its education and consulting services. We specialize in consulting on high exposure cases, where we can add value with our Doubleplay Program.

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Mission Statement

“Our mission is to close down claims and to reduce our client’s exposures. We provide services well beyond litigation defense, which include: consulting on and handling catastrophic claims and the ‘chronic pain cases,’ hands-on, examiner training on the new SB 863 reforms, consultation, legislative and rule-making consultation, risk analysis and coverage. We proudly specialize in the defense of public entities, including counties, law enforcement, cities, school districts, joint power authorities and special districts”

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